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The Lindy Autonomous Zone welcomes dancers from all walks of life and understands there are drastic differences in financial stability across the dance floor. We aim to create an equitable space by providing a sliding scale payment option. Please take the time to be honest about where you fall on the sliding scale and see the Green Bottle diagram if you need help. 

Weekend Dance Passes

Please read the options and choose which is the best fit for you. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out to if you need financial assistance. 


Community Supporter

If you can afford to regularly attend dance weekends, especially ones where you catch a flight cross country, this pass is for you. It ensures that all costs are covered and all can be included.  


Pay the Band

This tier ensures that the basic costs of the event are covered. It allows the band and staff to be paid fairly. If you can travel infrequently for dancing without too much stress this is for you. 


Pay it Forward

If you frequently avoid dancing because of the cost this is for you. We believe that music and dancing are designed for community building, joy, and compassion. 

New Sneakers

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Have questions or want to volunteer?

We will need a handful of volunteers to help out. If you are interested in this or you have any other questions please contact us. 

‪(504) 233-8247‬

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