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Details will continue rolling out as we get closer to the event! 


Welcome to New Orleans! At any moment in time you may find music on Frenchman Street, Royal Street, or honestly any street when a Second Line is rolling. The rule is if you hear music seek music! Tip the band, and support the bar. Dance till you drop and then keep going! 

Thursday November 23rd

Thursday Nights in the Quarter at Mason Dupuy 

November 24th

Wes Anderson and Sweet Gumbo at Dance Quarter 9-12pm 

November 25th

Dancing on Frenchman Street! 
Head down to Frenchman Street with old friends to make new friends! Wonder in and out of bars and listen to the music that moves you. Buy a drink (or two or three) and tip the band. Show your love. 

Sunday November 26th

Sunday is for community in New Orleans! 
Spend the morning and early afternoon wondering down Royal and supporting the busking bands. Tip them and tipple step with them! 

Sunday night come together for SUNDAY SWING AT ALLWAYS for a very special night! 
7-8pm Dance class with Giselle Anguizola 
8-10 Front room dance with Paradise Swing
9:30-11:30 Back room dance with Secret Six
11-til Jam (bring your instruments to sit in!) 

Monday November 27th

9-12 pm
Join the New Orleans Jazz Vipers at the Royal Frenchman hotel for their Monday Date! 

November 28th

Community at Crescent Park
2-4pm Dance Lessons with Giselle Anguizola 
4-7pm Jelly Roll Stompers

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